Dossier DMS

(Document Management System for all Industry verticals)

Document Management System with unlimited documents type with unlimited indexes, user access control at document and sub document level with user defined workflow for each type of document independently, Annotations, version control of documents and Account opening framework where forms are uploaded from branches and browser based guided data entry from images from any where.

CorpConnect Remote Meet

(Corporate Meeting Management System)

Paperless Meetings base Organisation Management for group of companies that includes Board of Directors Meetings.The meeting hierarchy for the group of companies or a single company follows both top down and bottom up approach. This means Instructions from top and reporting from bottom all paperless at Meetings level.

ChequeImagePay CTS

(Cheque Truncation System for clearing operations to banks and their BPOs)

Cheque Truncation System for banks image based cheque clearing. The power of the solution is a single installation can cover remote scanning from multiple banks and branches across the zone. In fact this is ready for all zones centralized operations.

CorpAims Asset & Inventory

(Asset and Inventory management System)

Asset and Inventory Management Software Solution for multiple branches from a central location.To track and maintain the stocks of consumables and Asset at Branches,offices and central stores and in transit at every moment as updated in the software solution.


(School-Care System)

IITS School Management System Software is 24*7 Online web based solution which aims to bring parents, teachers and Management together to collaborate for the multidimensional development of school and student. System can cater to more than one school/college/institute belonging to same group and thus helps in generating the consolidated report of entire group of institutions.


(Mandate Management System )

A Mandate Management System (MMS) is a solution which helps in creation, amendment and cancellation of mandates used for NACH debit transactions. The MMS handles mandate processing and validation and forward the data to relevant destination via NPCI. The system also handles incoming data from destination via NPCI and updates the records and stakeholders accordingly.